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Cervical Cancer - The HPV Myth

This probe began when through my explores for my book I could show that all malignant neoplastic diseases can readily be linked to chemical and radiation causes, but there is one that was an exception. It was the fathead in the nest and this was cervical cancer. This malignant neoplastic disease fluctuation is now firmly established and universally attributed to having been caused by a virus as many of the articles in this Ezine more than testify. However, the grounds turns out otherwise and I shall turn out beyond any uncertainty that what I have got said is true but before legal proceeding with the grounds to back up this dissident statement, allow us take a expression at some background information about the disease. Clues to the cause of the disease can be establish within the information that now follows.

Worldwide, cervical malignant neoplastic disease is the 3rd most common type of malignant neoplastic disease in women. According to the NCCC (National Cervical Cancer Coalition) about 14,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with the disease each twelvemonth and more than than 3,900 women decease in each twelvemonth from this disease. However, the figure of women getting the disease in the western human race is very few when compared to the remainder of the world. Women in developing states business relationship for about 85% of both the annual lawsuits of cervical malignant neoplastic disease (estimated at 493,000 lawsuits worldwide) and the annual deceases from cervical malignant neoplastic disease (estimated at 273,500 deceases worldwide). In fact, whereas breast malignant neoplastic disease is the prima malignant neoplastic disease for women in the west, in the bulk of developing countries, cervical malignant neoplastic disease stays the number-one cause of cancer-related deaths among women. Keep these statistics in head because what they state us is very of import as far as determining the cause of cervical malignant neoplastic disease is concerned.

Initially I was taken aback by the disclosure that a virus caused cervical malignant neoplastic disease but then I began to inquire what it was that led the medical community to almost unanimously follow this thought when all other malignant neoplastic diseases clearly showed that chemicals (or radiation) was responsible. As I looked into this more than deeply, I came across a most confusing riddle. You see, what put docs along a way in hunt of a viral cause of the disease was triggered by an indeterminate study in a regional medical diary in Venice. It was made by an Italian operating surgeon and an recreational epidemiolist named Rigoni-Stern inch 1842. He had analysed 150,000 decease certifications from the Paolo Veronese territory for the old age 1760-1839 and establish that out of 74,184 women who died, 1288 of them were nuns. The cause of decease of the nuns varied but many had died of breast cancer, five modern times more common than other women. Incidently, he correctly attributed one of the grounds for the addition in breast malignant neoplastic disease in nuns compared to other women was owed to the girdles they wore). He recorded four deceases from uterine malignant neoplastic disease (cervical malignant neoplastic disease was not eminent from other malignant neoplastic diseases of the uterus), while he had expected at least six based on 361 lawsuits in the remaining 72,896 women.

From this somewhat indeterminate analysis, others saw this information as grounds that there was small or no cervical malignant neoplastic disease among Catholic nuns compared with the remainder of the Italian female population. Subsequent docs endeavoured to spread out on this indeterminate report, adding assorted invented details, including the thought that cervical malignant neoplastic disease in cocottes was prevalent. So arose the myth that as nuns were supposed to be celibate and yet cervical malignant neoplastic disease was rare among them, and that the disease was said to be quite common among cocottes this could only intend one thing. Cervical malignant neoplastic disease was caused by something that was sexually transmitted and it was not long before this guess became accepted as fact. Professor Skranbanek set things in position when he said that, "A mention to an indeterminate Italian communicating have got go a Delaware riguer in the gap paragraphs of articles on the aetiology of cervical cancer, but how many writers have read the orignal? Skranbanek, proved as did Dr Griffiths of Luton Hospital, that the footing upon which the theory that a sexually transmitted virus was a reddish herring, that have got led to docs following a false trail ever since.

For a hundred old age or more than the hunt for the elusive virus was searched for, with Smegma and Herpes at one clip thought to have been the cause, but eventually proven to be unfounded. Then came along Professor Harald zur Beluga and his squad who establish that a figure of HPV virus strains could be establish in women who had cervical cancer. The elusive virus had been establish and ever since then, this have go the constituted scientific hypothesis. But is wrong!

If HPV makes not make cervical malignant neoplastic disease as I have got said, even though most if not all of the medical community would differ with me, then what do I state is the cause of the disease? To reply this inquiry we necessitate first to take a expression at the challenging statistic that I mentioned earlier in this treatise, because it gives us a critical clue. "Women in developing states business relationship for about 85% of both the annual lawsuits of cervical cancer".

Did you cognize that the Office of Rare Diseases (ORD) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States listings cervical malignant neoplastic disease as a "rare disease"? This agency that Cervical Cancer, or a subtype of the disease, impacts less than 200,000 people in the United States, a state that have a population of over 300 million people. According to the estimated new lawsuits and deceases from cervical (uterine cervix) malignant neoplastic disease in the United States in 2007 by the National Cancer Institute are 11,150 new lawsuits with deceases about 3,650. This compares to 470,000 new lawsuits and 230,000 deceases every twelvemonth to cervical malignant neoplastic disease human race wide, most of which happen in developing countries. The good news is that cervical malignant neoplastic disease incidents are on the diminution in the Occident and it is believed that the introduction of the Pap diagnostic test is responsible. This may be partially true, but how makes one explicate that cervical malignant neoplastic disease was already in diminution before the Pap diagnostic test was introduced?

The World Health Arrangement states that "More than 80% of the load of this easily noticeable and preventable disease is borne by developing countries" To exemplify this the WHO have got published a map of the human race that shows the proposed planetary relative incidence of cervical malignant neoplastic disease for 2005 in assorted countries, and it is most informative. The ground I state this is because I have got seen an almost exact reduplicate of this map elsewhere, accept that it have nil to make with cervical cancer. It is a map that shows the national energy ingestion of wood combustibles in the world. The correlativity is singular and ego evident. sheathing THE STATISTICAL world map OF CERVICAL cancer distribution AND Type A map OF THE countries THAT use wood arsenic THEIR primary fuel AND YOU WILL discovery AN ALMOST perfective MATCH.... This is no coincidence.

Please take a expression at the full article at and allow the grounds talk for itself.

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Fred Harding

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