Friday, October 5, 2007

Charnos - National Stockings Day, for Breast Cancer Care's 'Pink' Day

Charnos have got declared October 20th to be National Stockings Day. Apparently some misses between the ages of 20-25 have got never worn stockings - unbelievable! - which may explicate why some cats have got never seen the seductive sight of a stocking top. How incorrect is that! Stockings were probably at their stylish tallness between the mid-thirties and the late nineteen-fifties when they were derigeur for any Film Industry actress of manner Diva. Sadly they have got fallen into the shadows of the manner scene with the coming of the blue jean civilization and a more than than insouciant appearance.

The fun, consciousness event can both reinvigorate the hose industry and more importantly give support to Breast Cancer Care (BCC). The work of this charity, among others in the field, is critical for the continued development of better showing techniques and improved treatments. The inspirational event will promote women who have got never worn stockings to seek this most elegant and sexy word form of apparel. Why not seek a brace belt too and make the smasher effect…

Incidentally, you have got to admire those gorgeous misses at the Buckinghamshire-based advertisement agency, Nobull communications. These plucky misses have got given it their all at a famous person photograph shoot with '10 Old Age Younger' Nicky Hambleton Mother Jones for client Charnos. Charnos have created pinkish thread lacing top stockings and hold-ups, modelled here by Vicky, Kally, Nicki and Jo (above L-R).

The Sun newspaper have also joined the fighting to protect our stockings with the 'Time to salvage our stockings feature, don't allow the side down – show these cats what sexy really means…

The merriment event have a very of import message for women but will also assist raise consciousness among work force about the prevalence and earnestness of this atrocious malignant neoplastic disease which impacts many women worldwide.

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