Saturday, September 8, 2007

Blood test to spot cancer early

British men of science claim to have got developed a blood diagnostic test that offerings the
possibility of spotting malignant neoplastic disease long before the symptoms
appear. The diagnostic test successfully
detected early marks of breast malignant neoplastic disease in some women and the men of science trust the
vital hints will assist them to revolutionise malignant neoplastic disease bar by offering
cheaper and less invasive showing techniques in the adjacent 10 years. Cancer is a general term for
about 100 diseases characterised by uncontrolled, abnormal growing of cells
resulting in a mass or tumor that tin occupy and destruct healthy tissues. The Southampton University
research squad studied blood samples collected from 11,000 women over the last 30
years, some of whom later developed cancer. The research workers looked for
biomarkers รข€" proteins produced by malignant neoplastic disease cells. They have got seen significant
biomarkers of breast malignant neoplastic disease in the samples, reported the the Daily
Mail. "The quality of the
samples have been the cardinal but it is early days. Some of the ladies in the samples
were healthy at the clip but then went on to develop cancer. We are going back
through these clip capsules to look for things common in their blood that we can
identify as a malignant neoplastic disease fingerprint," Alice Paul Townsend, who is leading the study,

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