Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cancer survivor's naked campaign

A Northumberland woman, who have twice survived breast cancer, is stripping off to raise consciousness of the disease.

Emma Duncan, 33, from Cramlington, will look in postings in Cancer Research United Kingdom stores wearing nil but organic structure paint and retention a India rubber duck.

She is promoting the charity's All Join Together political campaign after also losing her grandma and female parent to cancer.

The political campaign takes to raise finances for research into the disease as well as increasing awareness.

Emma, who was 29 when she was first diagnosed with breast malignant neoplastic disease in 2003, said she establish posing for the postings "very liberating".

She was treated with a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

'Very positive'

After turning 31, she was diagnosed with a tumor inch her other breast followers a routine check-up in June 2005. She went on to have got a dual mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

She said: "I've had issues with the manner I look following my treatment for breast malignant neoplastic disease and I believe that many breast malignant neoplastic disease subsisters experience the same way.

"I've establish taking portion in the photoshoot for the political campaign very liberating.

"I believe it's daring, but very positive to demo breast malignant neoplastic disease subsisters bare in Cancer Research United Kingdom store windows. I'm nude but it's all done for the best possible cause."

Each twelvemonth 44,000 women are diagnosed with breast malignant neoplastic disease in the UK.

In the posters, the Npower worker is painted achromatic and stencilled with reddish and achromatic love hearts, which bear the words 'true' and 'false' - a form by British People interior designer Smasher Guinness.

Guinness and chap interior designer Tracey Boyd have got also created limited edition India rubber ducks for sale.

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